~ Today 20 03 2017 20 March 2017

its standard date today 20 march 2017 .. as i understood .. no wonder to wonder how these dates are getting counted infanaitely… 😀

being human and blessed to wonder today’s date count is 20 march 2017 ..

well whats special today .. is not the thought i am digging for..

today Eyes are opened and have vision .. can see … and thats some thing special ..

what the eyes are seeing .. gets inside into so called mind .. (heart) … further it tries to impact via brain capakity to absorb some surprises …

out of  all the unknown surprises to all of us, thought to enlight how i am getting blessed to spend today …

u may like to copy 😉

I have tried to see view gain but not entertain…

lets understand “knowledge ” ..



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~ Wonderworks ~


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Chinmay Raamachi Aarati चिन्मय रामाची आरती

जय देव जय देव जय चिन्मय रामा । आरती ओवाळू तुज पुरुषोत्तमा ॥ जय देव. ॥धृ॥

सर्वही वस्तु तद्रूप भासती रामा । स्थिरचर सर्वही विश्वा तू मंगलधामा ।

वर्णन करिता तव गुण झाली बहु सीमा । कथिता मौन धाले तुज मेघश्यामा ॥ जय देव .१ ॥

अरुप निर्गुण निर्भय सच्चित्तव रुप । प्रेमानंदे पाहता भासे चिद्रूप ।

अनन्यभावे भजता होती त्वद्रूप । हरी तव ध्यान करीता एक होई सुखरुप ॥ जय देव .२ ॥


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